Cats can be a real delight when they purr all around you and get cozy on your lap when it is cold outside. However, one cannot always be waiting and free to keep the cat entertained. No matter how much you love your cat, it is not a human baby and hence will not be dependent on you. As per the law of nature, they get independent and will move away from us as they get older.

Also, they are known for playing with anything around them and no one wants their new furniture featuring cat claw marks all over. This is why you should get your cat a suitable place or setting for it to play on its own.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are a great option to keep your cat occupied and active all day long. They will have a place to call their own and hence will not crowd around your couch or bed. They can play, take naps and even hide their treasures in such cat trees.

Want the best cat tree for your furry little friend? Why not make one on your own. DIY cat trees are very easy but require some considerable amount of time to be spent on it

Choose The Right Tree

Wondering how to choose the right tree for your cat? Here are a few pointers:

  • Never buy a cat tree for your kitten. You r kitten will grow into a cat very soon and the house will not be usable anymore, Hence it is wise to invest in a bigger cat house that can be used for a long time.
  • Ensure there are enough landings for your cat to rest on. Cats love to sit around and watch. Ensure there are enough spots for that
  • The material used mist be cat friendly and should not be irritating the cat.

Get a cat tree house for your cat and see them enjoy it to the fullest. A comfortable pet is a happy pet.